“As head of the Persian Language Program in the Near Eastern Studies Department at the University of California in Berkeley, I have often had the opportunity to refer students to Shohreh. She has always been able to accommodate students’ needs and customize curriculum to suit their goals and interests. Whether the student is a member of a diplomatic corps, businessperson, or in a bicultural marriage, Shohreh always develops an excellent set of coursework with their goals in mind.”

Jaleh Pirnazar, PhD
Near Eastern Studies Department
University of California, Berkeley

“Shohreh is a well organized and motivated teacher who has made my study both enjoyable and productive. She has understood my specific requirements well and has adapted the course and materials appropriately. I have appreciated the way that Shohreh has taken a personal interest in equipping me well for my future needs. I feel confident that I shall be able to use my newly acquired language skills effectively as a result of her tutelage.”

Robin Wallis
Former Student

“After nearly a year of language training and cultural sensitivity development, Shohreh has proven to be an invaluable resource. A highly effective and professional instructor, Shohreh continues to open new doors for those curious to learn more about Iranian language and culture. From book clubs, cooking classes and cultural files trips to Persian markets, restaurants and exhibits, Shohreh delivers unique, fun and tasteful learning experiences only others can wish to provide. She is an involved and encouraging mentor who creates for herself a deep awareness of others.”

Conrad Corpus
Former Student

“Shohreh is primarily responsible for my grasp of Persian idioms and grammatical nuances. She approaches every lesson with focused preparation and takes the time to understand each students’ proficiency goals. I always remember the effort she exerted into making each class challenging and different. Moreover, she always demonstrated an ability to create a constructive structure for each class. Without Shohreh providing me a practical expectation of proficiency levels I could not have set realistic training goals as a government employee. My ability to draw from Shohreh’s auditory training proved very valuable on the streets of Kabul.”

Joshua Basse
Former Student

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