Our Method

French/Farsi Without Tears takes a holistic and fully immersive approach…


French/Farsi Learn Persian in Berkeley, CA.

Learn French or Farsi whilst eating delicious authentic food…

…to teaching languages. From custom tailored lessons in the classroom to “in the field” experience at local restaurants and markets, our teaching method is based on the basic (but overlooked) premise that languages are for COMMUNICATION, and that is what you will be doing from the start.

Unlike Old-Fashioned approaches using hours of writing exercises, verb tale memorization, and mechanical translations, You will learn to think, speak, listen and communicate proficiently in your target language (French or Farsi).

Getting Started:

1) We will begin with an informative discussion/consultation about our classes, which will include speaking about your short and long term goals and choosing the most suitable class for you. Depending on your current level we may perform an OPI (oral proficiency interview) to help determine what level class you should begin with. This is also where you decide on private, semi-private or a group class.

2) At this point you will begin your classes with us. The classes are never the same and we are constantly introducing new material, however some things that you can expect to see are: listening comprehension exercises which can easily be applied to real situations, situational conversation practice with peers or the professor in preparation for an upcoming field trip to a local restaurant or market, and accent perfection through listening comprehension and conversation with a native speaker (your professor).

3) Finally, be prepared to enter a French or Persian mind-state the minute you begin your language journey with us, you will immediately be greeted in the language you are learning and you will always be expected to (and conditioned very quickly to) respond in your target language as much as you possibly can. The immersive method that we employ pushes your language learning capabilities to the limit, it is a challenge but that is what makes it so effective.

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