Introduction to our Farsi and French classes

Farsi Language Lessons, Berkeley, California.


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By using the principles of total immersion:

French and Farsi (Persian) Lessons in San Francisco Bay Area, Berkeley.

Learn French or Farsi Today. Eat, Drink and Study in an authentic environment.

French/Farsi Without Tears makes it easy to learn languages naturally and WITHOUT TEARS. Through a combination of listening comprehension exercises, writing, reading and SPEAKING you will learn French or Farsi in an engaging and enjoyable manner.

  • Our teaching style is intense yet sensitive to each individual’s progress.
  • Our teaching materials from CDs to books are custom designed specifically for each student.

French/Farsi Without Tears offers private classes, semi-private, group classes and weekend workshops for any level (beginning, basic, intermediate, advanced).

Contact Shohreh - Learn French or Farsi Today.

“As head of the Persian Language Program in the Near Eastern Studies Department at the University of California in Berkeley, I have often had the opportunity to refer students to Shohreh. She has always been able to accommodate students’ needs and customize curriculum to suit their goals and interests. Whether the student is a member of a diplomatic corps, businessperson, or in a bicultural marriage, Shohreh always develops an excellent set of coursework with their goals in mind.”

Jaleh Pirnazar, PhD
Near Eastern Studies Department

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